With Love and Acceptance

I love you and accept you whether you wear a mask or not.

I love you and accept you whether you or republican or democrat.

I love you and accept you whether you are pro or anti-vax.

I love you and accept you whether you are getting your news from mainstream media or independent outlets.

I love you and accept you whether you are at peace or in fear with the world that we are sharing.

I love you and accept you right where you are, doing the best that you can, whether I agree or not.

Love and acceptance are greater than any topic that divides us.

We all care. We love our mothers, our fathers, our children, our elders, we want them to be healthy and safe.

To say another person does not care because they do not believe or act like you is assuming that you know what is in that person’s heart and head.

Maybe their actions, in their perception, are the best ways that they can show they care.Maybe they have found a truth that differs from yours, that they wish to explore, and share.

Seek to understand instead of condemning.

Unite in the higher vibes of love and acceptance instead of resistance.

We are all works in progress. We are all learning as we go. We are all doing our best to understand this confusing world.

Let everyone have the space that they need to find their own truth, to research and discover that which could possibly be healing and liberating for us all.

Be gentle and kind as we all unwind, rest and have down time to restore balance and to process the many different emotions that are surfacing that are often times overwhelming.

Let go of what you know in order to grow.

Information is changing rapidly. Adaptability, flexibility and fluidity are keys -to shifting through the process with grace and ease.

Let go of rigidity ~ or it can get bumpy!

Don’t stay attached to old opinions because you have spent so much time defending them. Be willing to set yourself free and see things differently as we are all evolving and growing.

See it all through a lens of beauty. There is beauty in everything, even in death.

Become the Undivided Observer-Witness who sees the beauty in all of it.

Refuse to divide or take sides. Take the wrongs and rights out of it and see the beauty that exists in the growth process. No one can proclaim the absolute truth that applies to all of us.

Truth is relevant to the now moment which is constantly changing.

Allow the uncertainty and fluidity of fluctuating minds and opinions without a need to take a stance for-or-against whatever is being revealed in the ever evolving Present moment.

This too shall pass, as should our perspectives and views, or else we stagnate.

Let’s celebrate a revolution, an evolution of consciousness, from the belief that we were separate, to a knowing of oneness.

This time is a gift. A global awareness of our connectedness.

A big shift in the direction that lifts us to great new heights. Let’s ignite our Soul lights and let them shine bright!!

And ask ourselves this-

How can we embrace this experience and make the best of it?

How is it serving us to wake up and do things differently?

How are we uniting Now more than ever before instead of dividing?

If we want to change something, first we have to understand it. If we want to love something, first we have to accept it.


– Nana

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