The Light Switch

I had another great dream last night that felt symbolic of our human plight and where we are in this tumultuous awakening process.

I was in a storage shed filled with packed boxes and trunks. I approached an opened crate filled with things wrapped in newspapers that displayed the headline of our current day:

“Civil Unrest”

I reached in and pulled out a snow globe. I peeled away the newspapers that it was wrapped within and saw that it was covered in a thick layer of grey dust. The people inside the globe were fighting and arguing. The dust was trickling down through the glass and rain/reigning upon them.

I wiped the dust away and it spiraled in the air around me, prompting visions of how it had accumulated from the newspapers disintegrating on the globe over time. A dark residue the news had infused over humanity.
When stirred up, the dust turned back into the black and white headlines of our history; wars, genocide, destroying each other, and our planet.

The lines of old news that had wrapped around the globe and dissolved into the grey dust cloud that shrouded it now stirred all around me and I started sinking into the same dark-cloud feeling.

As I tried to wipe it away, more and more headlines appeared, they were not only building up a residue on top of the glass and creating the thick layer of dust covering it, they were sinking through the glass and rain/reigning down heavier on the people inside continuing to perpetuate the violence and divides.

The more I tried to cleanse the globe in RESISTANCE and desperation to raise my own vibration and to help clear it for those suffering on the inside too, the dust just grew thicker and denser.

I paused and stepped back, there is no way to stop these black and white headlines from appearing and creating these dark dust storms that are infiltrating us and causing so much suffering.

It started to become like a blizzard where I could not see the globe that I was holding in front of me. I knew that it was futile to try and stop the headlines from appearing and creating the dust storms.
Then I felt something on the bottom of the globe. A SWITCH. I turned it over and held the globe up close to my face and saw an “on” button.

I switched it On.

I felt it shift. My Focus. My Intent. I Switched it from the outer resistance to the Inner Light.

And all of a sudden through the dense clouds I saw flickering lights beginning to appear. I felt the air beginning to clear. I saw the people fighting inside the globe starting to pause and feel it too, dropping their weapons and closing their eyes to feel it growing stronger inside.

More and more people dropped their headlines and the news they use to abuse each other and started feeling the light coming alive inside of them.

I felt the light inside of myself starting to expand. I was happy and joyous again as I realized that the light that we carry inside can dispel the dark clouds that shroud us. I started breathing into the light in my heart space, expanding it bigger and bigger.

The people inside of the globe were doing the same thing, breathing into the light that we all carry within. The dust and the headlines continued to disappear. No one was paying attention to them anymore, no one was cultivating the instigating fear that had been separating and darkening our world.

The light inside of everyone grew so bright the whole globe was filled with Golden Light and the people inside began to rise into beautiful illuminated Beings until they expanded the physical illusion of separation and their vibrations extended beyond the globe, they grew right up out of it as pure golden light beings.

We all stood beside each other in the storage room now. Looking around at all of these beautiful Angels of Light we looked back into the globe at those who refused to give up the fight and wanted to clutch their newspapers and wrap themselves up in the inciteful dramas of the day and we all just began to pray for them and send our golden light into those who still wish to fight and divide.

Then we placed the snow globe down, filled it with light, and walked outside into the sunshine. We began dancing as beautiful souls celebrating that we are all the same glorious light beings within. It was Euphoric Bliss to be in Oneness with others who had illuminated too.

I could see outside of the shed we were building a new world that was wide open and free, everyone was glowing with the Knowing of the TRUTH of who we are as Light Beings. The New World was awaiting and already being built by those who had arrived on the other side of the divides, residing in wholeness and light.

I peeked back into the shed and I could see the dust starting to collect again on the globe and I knew that even this was perfect for everyone is not ready to let go of the divides. I was filled with faith and contentment that

~ It is happening ~

~ All in Divine Timing ~

We each get to choose when and if we SWITCH our Focus to the light that we ALL carry within and ascend out of the illusion that we’ve been living in that says we are separate – us and them.

Some will and some won’t – we all have free will choices. Some like living in the dust cloud, some wish to be free.

I smiled in my dream, knowing that eventually, I would go back and shine more light into the globe, but for now, I am just going to enjoy dancing in the golden glow with my friends who are all in Remembrance that We are ALL ONE and the SAME Within.


I awakened with that giddy feeling again, outside the matrix looking in.

I thought of all of my friends the ones living in and outside of the headlines. I saw how perfect it is. Everyone is right where they want to be and everyone has the opportunity to Switch and be free when they are ready.

Whether you choose to SWITCH your light on and let go of the divides inside or not, I love you and accept you right where you are. I have faith that it is perfect and that each person will feel the divides until they wish to Rise and Shine.

I can only share that life here in the Golden Jubilee is AMAZING and I would not give it up for any divisive headlines that create the divides inside of US. I hope that eventually, we all love ourselves enough to make the Switch!!

Instead of focusing on the divides, let’s focus on building a new world of Love and Light!!

The TRUTH that we are all looking for is that We Are the Illumined Ones!

And so it is!


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