Another Beautiful Day in Paradox

I like to sum up my Spiritual path with two words – Know Thyself.  Yep, we have all heard it before but how well do we really know ourselves and how we operate?

After twenty years of seeing the subtle energy fields of humans and how we function in our world, this quote sums up our experience here:

“It’s another beautiful day in Paradox.”

We are paradoxical beings.  In our everyday life existence, there is a natural dichotomy between the various aspects of being human. We don’t completely understand this until we awaken.  

The paradox exists as this unconscious internal conflict that is innate in our human nature.  It is a divide that we feel inside of ourselves.  We can’t clearly put our finger on the cause of it but we work hard to distract from it and squelch the feeling.  We seek many different forms of fulfillment and distraction to heal this divide inside; success, relationships, drugs, and other addictive distractions.  

Understanding this innate paradox allows us to embrace the polarities within us so that they are not opposing forces but rather complimentary blessings. 

It is easy to see that we are multi-faceted beings. What I witness shining forth from the human energy field shows that we are complex creatures.  We exist in many platforms of consciousness and we are equipped with multiple components to help us navigate the terrain.  

As Humans we are ever-changing, evolving, and growing through a temporary experience on the earth plane.

 As Souls, we are eternal, immortal, everlasting, enlightened Beings.  

We are both and that’s pretty Paradoxical.

Add to that the multi-dimensional aspects of just being human.  

 Being human can be overwhelming – until you understand the paradox.  

The earth is a great place to visit filled with immense beauty and the opportunity to explore a tropical paradise or a treacherous war.  We get to choose our destination and then pick our suit. 

Picking Your Suit

The human suit is much like a scuba suit that let’s us submerge into another realm with a breathing apparatus, navigational tools and special lens to adjust to the reality.  

The suit contains our “Human Operating System” (HOS).  It is equipped with different components to make us compatible with this earthly environment.  We have a physical body that is equipped to carry us through one human life cycle experience.  The suit also contains a mental processor and an emotional filter as navigational tools. All three systems store and process exterior stimuli and convert them into internal data stored within the suit. This information is then displayed on our external lens and that creates our view of our reality.  

This configuration of components and the accumulation of life experience combine to create who we are are as humans, our 3-d Personality.

The three components of the suit come with preprogrammed data from the man-u-factory based on where the suit is being shipped and what it’s going to be used for in this specific life experience. Are we going to be a cave diver or mountain climber in this suit? A mom, a monk, a movie star?

We order the HOS suit pre-paired with certain compatibility features and pre-installed programs to align it to its destiny and the chosen terrain. The rest is accumulated along the way and processed in real-time and also regurgitated with routine updates.  

It’s up to us to keep the suit running with optimum capacity. Sometimes it gets bogged down, information overload. We have to defrag, cleanse the internal hard drive of outdated unnecessary files. Remove the programs and applications that are not serving us and are contorting our lens.  We can free the system to run more smoothly.  

Upgrades are also available along the way,  we can insert new programs and applications that are more compatible with our evolving desires for the system.   

Later, we can talk more about the suit and how it works.  For now, let’s see what happens once we put the suit on and activate it.

The Paradox begins. 

Now we are alive. We are human life.  We are projecting the human avatar into the earth’s reality.

Now there is Presence and there is Performer.

There is the Witness/Observer and there is the Participant.

There is Soul and there is a Human.

We are both.  Paradoxical.

At any time, we can shift our seat between these polarities within our consciousness.  

When we first activate the suit, our consciousness gets captivated in the outer reality as the Performer, we forget that we are Presence too.


When we awaken within the Dream, 

We remember the truth of our Being.

As we are submerged into our earthly roles, we can let the HOS system auto-generate the life experience in “unconscious mode”  and the factory settings will keep it running through its warranty expiration.

 Another option is Manual-operation in “conscious mode” we can create the settings that we want and override the factory standards.  

Either way, eventually the system will wear out, the components will be outdated, and it will be time for a trade-in.  We get to order a new model.  

So, all of this is our “Human Operating System” (HOS). Getting one of these grand designs will usually guarantee decades of entertainment on the earth plane before it expires.  

It’s a brilliant system created by Apple with that first mega bite in the Garden of Eden.  

Let’s go back to where it all began with that symbolic story of man on the Eve of a reality-shift, poised with an apple in hand, wondering, what if?  

Here is another twist on that ancient apple myth.

What if that bite from the Tree of Life (and death) allowed us to descend as a temporary “fall from grace” from a place of Oneness into the illusion that we are separate?   Thus the suit.  Our true Soul essence was “covered” not because we were ashamed, but because we needed to be suited for the adventure so that we could participate in the illusionary reality of duality with the temporary experience of polarities like good-and-evil or knowledge-and-wisdom.  

Taking the bite, leaving the garden, experiencing separation, it was all our free will choice then as it is now, and believe it or not, we as Souls, love it. I see it over and over again shining forth from the Soul light within humans, that we as Souls enjoy coming here to earth.  We like participating in the illusionary reality much like we as humans enjoy going to a good movie.  Do you prefer romance, drama, comedy, thrillers?  The earth has all of that and more! 

We as Souls know that this earth life is a temporary illusion and we take it lightly.  We know that no matter what happens here in the suit, eventually, we will return to the Garden, to the State of Grace and the Remembrance and Knowing of who we truly are as eternal Soul Beings.

While we are here on earth, the eternal Being is the part of us that is the Witness -Observer. Always there, always aware of everything happening within the HOS.  It is the Immortal Soul.  

Paradox surprise.

We awaken to realize that we are both,

Human and Soul.

How do we awaken?  We widen back.  We focus inward.   We let go of the outer focus and the distraction.  When we do, we see differently.  We realize with real-eyes who we truly are.  

We then begin to understand how our focus works and creates our reality.  We experience our reality here through a single-point perspective. What you load on the screen is what you experience.  It is like living with a lens that only allows you to view what a flashlight can illuminate in front of you in a darkened room. You don’t see what’s surrounding you, you can only see what you are focused on in a single-point perspective.

Because we are so FOCUSED on our outer reality and what we must do to meet our daily responsibilities, this single-point focus limits our knowledge of our Self only to the external reflection of the human.  Keeping up with the hamster wheel, we believe we are just what we are projecting outwardly as a human being.  However,  when we harness our ability to focus and direct the flashlight internally we find the truth of our Being waiting there patiently.

Our Focus Determines Our Reality.

When we are caught up in the 3D game we lose touch with the Soul Operator. We’re enmeshed with the illusion on the screen. Caught up in the programming.  

When we close the HOS system down and detach from the suit, we realize that we exist beyond it. The real truth of who we are is not temporary, it doesn’t have a limited-life-expectancy or expiration on the warranty.  It’s everlasting. 

Presence is where we awaken, it is in the NOW. 

The HOS suit keeps us auto-focused on the past and the future.   Our collected data, memories, and programs are stored in the physical, mental and emotional components of the system.  These memories are on auto-slide-show just constantly shuffling through the focus filter creating our reality.  

The auto-generated unconscious life keeps us living in a PAST filled with accumulated information.   If we are not living in memory land, we usually harness our focus and utilize the mental and emotional processors for planning our FUTURE.

We can stop the auto-generated reality

and get off of the hamster wheel.

If we are not active, the HOS shuts down.  It hibernates automatically after certain periods of inactivity.  If we are not processing past/future data and playing the game of life, it goes to sleep. Then the Soul awakens.  

Actually, the Soul is always awakened, we awaken to the Knowledge that our Soul exists.  We have been distracted in the illusion and focusing on our HOS virtual reality so long we have forgotten that we are the Soul -Operators. We were entrenched in being the person-ality avatars that we were creating and all the past/future processing that we were doing. 

In the NOW, we awaken to the memory of who we truly are. We can sit in stillness, quiet the mind, body, and emotions and see that we are all those things.  We are beautiful human beings with amazing bodies, brilliant minds, and vast emotions.  And, we are so much more.

This is just one system that we have been operating, one single human lifetime. There have been many.  And to really stretch the imagination and self-awareness, consider that we are actually running other systems right now in other realities simultaneously too. Wow! 

Awake at last, the place where Presence resides,

the Soul comes alive.

Self-Awareness.  We now “Know Thyself” and how we operate.  We recognize that we extend our Personality into this reality.  NOW we can choose to take the system out of its unconscious auto-program mode and operate it with conscious Awakened Mastery. 

 Life on Earth becomes an AMAZING JOURNEY then.

We’ve returned to the Garden, apple still in hand.  

Here W’Ego Again!

Before we go, let’s talk about the Ego. It’s not some virus or bug we have to remove. It’s not a worm or a glitch. Oh no. The ego is that little iconic “assistant” that we order pre-installed from the man-u-factory to help us learn the “Human Operating System” and hopefully master it one day. If we enlist the ego to assist we will learn the system much quicker.  It’s a gift.  

Our “Ego Amigo” can teach us so much.

Often times when we get stuck in a rut, bogged down, or the system malfunctions, then we blame the ego-assistant.  It’s not the system or the ego’s fault.  It’s “user-error” but is so convenient to have the ego to blame, isn’t it? 

If we are turning against any part of ourselves we will only strengthen the illusion of separation and stay stuck in an internal divide, mal-functioning our own hard drive.    

We have to love and appreciate all parts of ourselves to ascend out of the illusion and return to oneness and wholeness.  No matter how we complain or kick the machine, the little ego- assistant will be there again. It will pop up on the screen smiling and ready to help us master the HOS system and remember the truth of our Being. 

So we can befriend our ego.  We can have fun with the exploration of our HOS suit and all of our multifaceted aspects of human life.  Now, we also have the Knowledge that we can unplug and remember ourselves beyond this.  

  After we awaken, Zen what?

Once we awaken, we realize that we have been asleep and that we have been living our life on auto-mode.  We begin to manually operate our HOS and start the clearing process of removing all the unwanted factory settings and programs. 

We find the peaceful Presence that dwells within us.  We come home to the eternal part of ourselves.  We realize that the human is loved, cherished, and supported through the journey and that we are not alone.  

When we return to this Knowledge that we are both eternal Soul and temporary Human, the paradox that we have felt unconsciously all of this time finally starts to make sense.  Now, we can embrace the polarity in our own consciousness and choose where we seat ourselves, in Performer or Presence.  

Both Performer and Presence are beautiful and necessary to live a healthy vibrant life on Earth.   With this level of self-awareness and total self-acceptance, the internal conflict, and dichotomy heal.  No longer divided inside, we come back into wholeness and oneness within ourselves. We are free.  

In this state of consciousness, we know that we are all of it – the full spectrum of both eternal and temporary Existence and that it is a gift to experience ourselves like this.  Earth life is a precious fleeting journey meant to be savored with reverence.  We have our free will to do as we wish with our Performer.  We also have eternal Presence always loving and supporting us through the process.

Whether we awaken while here on Earth or not, at the end of the day, we will return to the Garden, unscathed, still in our pure pristine state.  For now, while we are still in these amazing human suits, let us look around and see all of the incredible opportunities that we have to BE BOTH and have gratitude for yet another beautiful day in Paradox. 


~ Nana

3 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Day in Paradox

  1. Mary

    Ahhhhh, what a great way to define this brief blip of time we have on and in this plane of Hu.Man possibilities. We are of the gods and the earth fused together by this ever flowing electromagnetic plasmic field called consciousness. Deep appreciation Nana for bringing to light the internal and external connections in this wonder filled operating system commonly referred to as “life”. Have an enlightened, rockin’ Sunday🧜🏽‍♀️😘…….

  2. WOW, Amazing article on the way “things work” in our 3D realm of duality! Once we understand that it has been the “Performer” instead of the “Presence” that has been creating our physical realty it opens a powerful opportunity for each of us to change our life & world. Nana, I am in awe of all the beautiful examples you unveiled about us being the engineers of this physical realm and the ways we can change it at any moment. The illusion of separation has been held by a corporate consciousness for eons on our earth. As we truly awaken to our inter-connection, stop fueling the illusion through false concepts of “us” & “them”, and see the inner light within all, it will bring the reality of unconditional love, oneness and wholeness we all innately know and yearn into manifestation!
    Powerful Article!

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